About SAR

Scholars at Risk is an international network of institutions and individuals working to promote academic freedom and to protect higher education communities worldwide.

Around the world today, higher education communities suffer frequent attacks by those seeking to gain or hold power, control access to information, and restrict research, publication, teaching and learning. Beyond the harms to direct victims, these attacks harm society by undermining the ability of higher education communities to serve their educational, economic and social funcations, denying society the full benefits of top quality higher education.

Scholars at Risk responds to these attacks.  Scholars at Risk is an international network higher education institutions and individuals in over 35 countries. Our mission is to protect higher education communities and their members from violent and coercive attacks, and by doing so to expand the space in society for reason-based and evidence-based approaches to resolving conflicts and solving problems.  We meet this mission through direct protection of individuals, advocacy aimed at preventing attacks and increasing accountability, and education activities aimed at promoting academic freedom and related values.

Scholars at Risk provides a range of opportunities for involvement in network activities including institutional involvement by hosting scholars and events and individual involvement by academics, researchers, students and the public.  Scholars at Risk welcomes inquiries from those interested in supporting this work.  To learn more about SAR activities, network membership, or how you or your institution might benefit, visit www.scholarsatrisk.org